Jenise “Sandy” Blake had a savings account before enrolling in the Asset Builders program, but had no defined, goal-oriented system of saving. Sandy comments as to the most valuable outcome from participating in the Asset Builders program. “The program not only educated me and raised my awareness level, it also provided an investment opportunity that did not require me to work for my money, but for my money to work for me. A confidence has been born, knowing that my investment was (and is) safe and worthwhile.” Sandy has invested in security.

Sandy notes that time management was an issue for her as she worked toward achieving her goal of home ownership. Being a single mother of two, Sandy’s struggle was multi-tasking with home, church and work obligations. As advice for others who might enter the Asset Builders program, Sandy says, “Once you make a decision to take control of your life, the Asset Builders program is one of the best financial resources that can be used in order to fulfill your dreams and accomplish your goals. One of the most important ingredients you will need is discipline.” Sandy goes on to reference the old cliché, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” With great confidence, Sandy states, “I have been empowered to keep on walking until I’ve gone the last mile of the way. I am determined to reach all of my goals!”

As a final reflection of how her life has changed over the last year after completing her savings and purchasing her home, Sandy insists, “There is no greater feeling than having a sense of accomplishment that renting can never provide; only homeownership can give that type of satisfaction and security. This purchase has ultimately provided stability. There’s no place like home!”

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