Support Our Mission

Supporting Southern helps people like Marianne Dolls achieve their dreams.

Southern Bancorp Community Partners (SBCP) is a 501(c)(3) loan fund and financial development organization whose mission is to create economic opportunity in rural and underserved communities by providing responsible and responsive financial products and services. And because the need is so great, we encourage you to join us in this mission.

No amount is too big or too small when it is put to work in Southern’s communities. Southern’s unique structure offers numerous investment opportunities, ranging from grants to our nonprofits to capital for our community banks. That means you can prioritize financial or social return on your investment, find a risk structure that fits your needs, invest an amount that fits your mission and comfort level, and use an investment tool that meets your needs. You can even make a donation right now by clicking the Donate button below.

For more information on investing in Southern and the communities we serve, please contact Karama Neal.