Melissa Via had big plans for herself and her college education. As a single mother of three, she knew a lot about self-sacrifice. But she also knew the rewards of hard work, and worked to reap those rewards.

Melissa started Career Pathways in fall 2005. Like many other students, she was drawn to school with the hopes of getting a college degree and the help Career Pathways could offer. Melissa completed her Associates Degree in summer 2009. In the short time Melissa was a Career Pathways student, she accomplished much. She improved her test scores, got into college and joined the international honor fraternity for two year colleges, Phi Theta Kappa. She felt the financial assistance provided to help pay for daycare and college were a huge help, as well as the prep time she was able to utilize before college and now during her studies to keep her on task. Her further education goals include a Bachelors Degree in Radiology. Melissa understands the “further you go, the better you are”.

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