When Detria Stackhouse needed a loan, she went to Southern Bancorp, in Helena, Arkansas. They referred her to the Asset Builders program, and in April 2004 she opened an Asset Builders account and began saving to make improvements to her home. In July 2004 Detria enrolled her daughter Kevonshayee in the Saving for Entrepreneurship, Education, and Downpayment (SEED) program to begin her college savings. Within 7 months, she reached her savings goal and completed the economic skills training classes.

Before enrolling in Asset Builders, Detria did not have a savings habit. However, since receiving training, she had learned to save. Detria says the most valuable outcome was the finished product. Before starting an Asset Builders account, she was not sure how to get the repair work done on her house, or how to begin the project.

Detria says “Since I’ve had insulated windows and storm doors installed, my house is warmer and my utility bills are lower. I can open my windows up to enjoy the air. On top of it all, I love being in my kitchen now that my cabinets aren’t falling down.”

Detria offers advice for others interested in joining the program. “Make sure to save each month and attend the classes. The Asset Builders staff is always there to help and answer any questions.”

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