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HUD-certified Housing Counseling in Arkansas

Opportunities and Challenges
Policy Points
Date Vol. Title
2018 45 Southern Bancorp Community Partners IDA Program: A Solid Tool for Asset Development
2017 44 Good Guys Answer the Call: Providing Safe Affordable and Profitable Small Loans as the Regulatory Landscape Evolves
2016 43 Into the Light: A Survey of Arkansas Borrowers Seven Years After State Supreme Court Bans Usurious Payday Lending Rates
2015 42 Teaching Public Benefit Recipients How to Fish: How Arkansas can Lessen Reliance on SNAP & TANF and Support Economic Independence by Lifting Asset Limits
2014 41 Evaluating College Savings Plans: A Case Study on Arkansas and Mississippi
2014 40 Turning a Cycle of Debt and Dependency into Financial Security: Rerouting Payday Loan Consumers in Mississippi
2013 39 Everybody Wins: Creating a Successful Prize-Linked Savings Program in Arkansas
2013 38 The 2013 Mississippi Legislature: A Summary of Southern’s Efforts and New Laws Affecting Our Communities
2013 37 The 2013 Arkansas Legislature: A Summary of Southern’s Efforts and New Laws Affecting Our Communities
2013 36 Making the Case for Eliminating Asset Limits: Why Asset Limits Undermine Financial Security for Arkansans
2012 35 The State of Asset Building in Arkansas
2009 34 New Laws Benefit Lower-Income Arkansans
2009 33 Aspiring Scholars Matching Grant Program: A Successful First Year
2008 32 From Natural Gas to College Degrees: The Arkansas Promise Trust Fund
2007 31 Mortgage Foreclosures: A Review of Trends in Arkansas and Strategies Used by States and Communities to Respond
2007 30 ARHealthNet: Helping Small Businesses Afford Employee Health Coverage
2007 29 New Laws Promoting Asset-Building Opportunities
2006 28 Arkansas’ Individual Development Account (IDA) Program: Survey Shows Broad Impact
2006 27 The Southeast Arkansas College Career Pathways Program
2006 26 Expanding Access to College in Arkansas: A 529 College Savings Plan Match Policy
2005 25 The Next Frontier in Adult Education: Adult Education to College Transition Programs
2005 24 2005 Legislative Session Highlights: New Laws Affecting Low-Income Families in Arkansas
2004 23 Increasing Access to and Completion of College Among Working Adults in Arkansas: The Career Pathways Pilot Project
2004 22 Meeting the Need for Long-Term Care: Strengthening the Nursing Assistant Occupation
2004 21 Making Higher Education More Accessible in Arkansas: The State’s Newest Financial Aid Programs
2003 20 Expanding State Business and Industry Workforce Training Activities: Some Policy Options Including Making Better Use of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
2003 19 2003 Legislative Session Produces Laws to Help Low-Income Families in Arkansas
2002 18 Expanding State Business and Industry Training Activities: Some Policy Options Including Making Better Use of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
2002 17 Meeting the Needs of Employers and Workers Through Sectoral Employment Strategies
2001 16 Nonprofit Sector Makes a Big Impact on the Arkansas Economy
2001 15 Rental Housing and Low-Income Families in Arkansas
2000 14 What the Current Debate on Improving Education in Arkansas is Missing: Workforce Development
2000 13 Workforce Investment Act Performance Standards: Changing the Incentives to Get Better Jobs and Better Wages for Arkansas Workers
2000 12 Achieving Economic Self-Sufficiency Through Welfare Reform
2000 11 Workforce Investment Act Performance Standards: Changing the Incentives to get Better Jobs and Better Wages for Arkansas Workers
2000 10 Workforce Investment Act Unified Plan: Summary and Analysis
1999 9 The Financial Services Modernization Act's Effects on the Community Reinvestment Act
1999 8 The New Arkansas Workforce Investment System: Key Decisions and How to Get Involved
1999 7 Education and Training Options Under Welfare Reform: Changes as a Result of Act 1567 of 1999
1999 6 A Summary of Act 1125: The Arkansas Workforce Investment Act
1999 5 A Summary of Act 1217:The Family Savings Initiative Act
1999 4 Achieving Long-Term Economic Self-Sufficiency: The Importance of Education and Training
1998 3 Workforce Investment Act: Key Implementation Issues
1998 2 Individual Development Accounts
1998 1 Summary of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998
Client and Partner Publications
Year Title
2020 Deferred Dreams: How Unmanageable Debt and Abusive Debt Hinder Savings and Economic Security: Arkansas | Mississippi
2019 Tax-Time Savings: Opportunities and Strategies for Policy and Practice
2012 SBCP Child Savings Accounts: Multiple Paths to a Brighter Future
2005 Policy Report Arkansas Assets and Opportunity Scorecard 2005
2002 Arkansas Assets Coalition Report Assets in Arkansas: Building Wealth for Economic Security
1999 Policy Report Breaking the Cycle
Year Mon Title
2010 04 Reaching Out
2009 06 Reaching Out
2009 01 Reaching Out
2008 10 Reaching Out
2008 05 Reaching Out
2008 01 Reaching Out
2007 08 Reaching Out
2007 04 Reaching Out
2007 01 Reaching Out
Year Mon Title
2008 04 Changing Lives
2007 12 Changing Lives
2007 08 Changing Lives
2007 04 Changing Lives
2006 12 Changing Lives
2006 09 Changing Lives
2006 04 Changing Lives
Year Mon Title
2007 09 Asset Builders
2007 04 Asset Builders
2006 04 Asset Builders
2005 08 Asset Builders
2005 05 Asset Builders
2004 09 Asset Builders
2004 02 Asset Builders
2003 08 Asset Builders
2003 02 Asset Builders
2002 10 Asset Builders

Year Mon Title
2007 04 Career Pathways
2006 06 Career Pathways
2005 06 Career Pathways
2005 03 Career Pathways
2004 07 Career Pathways
2004 03 Career Pathways
2003 08 Career Pathways
2003 02 Career Pathways

Year Mon Title
2006 04 Bank On It!
2005 11 Bank On It!
2005 Q2 Bank On It!
2005 Q1 Bank On It!
2004 Q4 Bank On It!
2004 Q2 Bank On It!
2004 Q1 Bank On It!
2003 Q3 Bank On It!
2003 Q2 Bank On It!
2003 Q1 Bank On It!
2002 Q3 Bank On It!
2002 Q2 Bank On It!
2002 Q1 Bank On It!

Year Mon Title
2006 Q3 Down To Business
2006 Q2 Down To Business
2006 Q1 Down To Business
2005 Q4 Down To Business
2005 Q3 Down To Business
2005 Q2 Down To Business
2005 Q1 Down To Business

Year Mon Title
2004 Q4 Stepping Out
2004 Q2 Stepping Out
2004 Q1 Stepping Out
2003 Q4 Stepping Out
2003 Q3 Stepping Out
2003 Q2 Stepping Out
2003 Q1 Stepping Out
2002 Q4 Stepping Out
2002 Q1 Stepping Out
2001 Q4 Stepping Out
2001 Q3 Stepping Out
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