Money Smart for Older Adults (English/Spanish)


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After completion of the 11 Money Smart modules, participants will have the knowledge and resources they need to:

  • Use the services and products of financial institutions (e.g., banks, thrifts, and credit unions) confidently
  • Create and implement a spending plan
  • Distinguish between “wants” and “needs”
  • Use credit and borrow money responsibly
  • Protect their financial rights and safeguard their money
  • Determine their readiness to buy a home
  • Recover their financial lives and rebuild their credit


Money Smart for Older Adults: Instructor Guide

Money Smart for Older Adults: Participant Guide

Includes 8 files:

  • Guide to Presenting
  • Instructor Guide (English, Spanish)
  • Participant Guide (English, Spanish)
  • Presentation (English, Spanish)