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At Southern Bancorp Community Partners, we believe in helping working families and economically distressed communities grow through small scale, one-on-one interactions. However, we also believe in achieving large-scale national, state, and community-wide change through public policies that give everyone the opportunity to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

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Tax-time Savings: A New Whitepaper and a Call to Action

By Janie Ginocchio As discussed in previous blog posts, income tax time is a good opportunity to encourage people to save, as tax refund checks are often the largest lump sum payment a household will receive all year. Southern Bancorp encourages savings at tax time...

Census 2020: Be Counted!

Census 2020: Be Counted!

By Kathryn Hazelett Every 10 years, the United States counts its people – all of them. This is the census and it’s happening again in 2020. There is an entire government entity centered on the census – it’s that important. The census looks not only at the number of...

Advocacy 101: Local Decision Makers

Advocacy 101: Local Decision Makers

By Kathryn Hazelett Editor’s note: This is the final entry in a series of blog posts about the legislative process on the state, federal, and local levels, and what you can do to help create and influence policy as a citizen. Entries from the rest of the series are...

Focus Areas

savers like Marianne Dolls inspire us to focus on public policy
Southern Bancorp Community Partners focuses on a wide range of issues that impact working families, from those that help build wealth such as savings programs and asset building programs, to those that reduce wealth such as a predatory payday lending. Our policy team works with national and state partners in Arkansas, Mississippi, and beyond to ensure that the needs of our communities are addressed by policymakers. To learn more about individual issues, sign up for our newsletter or contact our policy team at the link below.


Southern Bancorp Community Partners believes in sound research to support our policy positions. Click the link below to view our past publications and learn more about our issues.
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