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  • Explain what credit is and how it relates to borrowing and repaying money
  • Describe how credit cards work and the types of fees that they may have
  • Describe how secured credit cards work
  • Explain how loans work and how they differ from credit cards
  • Describe similarities and differences among credit cards, secured credit cards, prepaid cards, and phone cards
  • Explain the connection between using credit and having/building a credit history


Using Credit: Lesson Plan

Using Credit: Credit and Secured Credit Quiz

Using Credit: Which one is best?

15 files included:

  • Lesson Plan
  • Partner Talk
  • Words to Know
  • Screenshots
  • Questions for Guided Reading
  • Credit and Secured Credit
  • What to Know
  • Paying Your Credit Card Bill
  • Minimum Payments
  • Questions for Guided Listening 2
  • Verb Practice
  • Which One is Best
  • Questions for Making a Story
  • Different Kinds of Loans
  • 2 x 2

Source: FTC Consumer Resources