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Many factors and decisions go into choosing and paying for college. In-state versus out-of-state? Public or private? Can I afford the school of my dreams? Is it wise to take on so much debt? While individuals’ requirements and answers differ, one thing is constant. The cost of college is considerable and rising.

Completing a college education is frequently a family commitment and the price tag often represents the second largest investment that a family makes, next to buying a home. Prepare for this investment in your future by using skills developed throughout your academic career. Research and get the facts. Study what you find and discuss it. Draw conclusions and make informed decisions based on what’s right for your circumstances. Armed with this information, you and your family will navigate this exciting time with minimal anxiety.


Paying for College: Making Informed Decisions

Paying for College: Resources for Financing Higher Education

Includes 4 files:

  • Making Informed Decisions
  • Presentation Information
  • Resources for Higher Education
  • Student Scripts