Money Smart for Grade 9-12


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Welcome to Money Smart, an exciting interactive exploration of the concepts of money. This standards-aligned, cross-curricular program is designed to promote personal financial education in grades 9 through 12 students and young adults aged 18 to 20. You can use Money Smart to add engaging and enriching activities to financial literacy and economics instruction. Extension activities support English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Economics, and Technology, while also helping your students build the foundation to become financially responsible adults.


Money Smart for Grade 9-12: Educator Guide

Money Smart for Grade 9-12: Student Guide

35 files included:

  • Educator Guide (doc, pdf)
  • Education Standards
  • Handouts, answer key, and glossary
  • Lesson 1-22
  • Parent Guide (English, Spanish)
  • Teacher Presentation Slides (doc, pdf)