Making a Budget


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Making a Budget has three sections: What It Is, What To Know, and What To Do. The lesson plan uses What It Is for initial concept development, vocabulary development, and site navigation activities. It uses What To Know for guided practice activities, and What To Do for independent practice and extension activities. The exception for this lesson plan is the video, which is embedded in What It Is but is not used until the end of the lesson plan because of the complexity of its content and language.


Making a Budget: Lesson Plan

Making a Budget: Sofia Starts a Budget

Making a Budget: Money In Money Out

11 files Included:

  • Lesson Plan
  • Partner Talk
  • Words to Know
  • Screenshots
  • Questions for Guided Reading
  • Questions for Guiding Reading 2
  • Video Transcript Questions
  • What Can You Do
  • Sofia Starts a Budget
  • Money In, Money Out
  • 2 x 2

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