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This lesson plan is designed to be flexible, so that you can use all or part of it depending on the level(s) of your learners, their learning goals, and the work you and they have done with other parts of previously. You can also spread the activities over multiple class meetings as needed.

The section on Job Scams shares both concepts and vocabulary with the Scams Against Immigrants section and the Money Wiring Scams section in Scams and Identity Theft, as well as with a portion of the Sending Money Overseas section in Managing Your Money. The lesson plan includes extension activities that are designed to take advantage of these connections, in order to help learners understand the similarities and differences among different types of scams. There is also a separate worksheet, Scams and Scammers, with brief guidelines for using it to help learners activate existing knowledge and summarize what they have learned across the four lesson plans.


Job Scams: Lesson Plan

Job Scams: Fake Job Offers


  • Lesson Plan
  • Partner Talk
  • Words to Know
  • Questions for Guided Reading
  • Fake Job Offers
  • Promises Promises
  • Asking Questions
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