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This lesson plan is designed to be flexible, so that you can use all or part of it depending on the level(s) of your learners, their learning goals, and the work you and they have done with other parts of previously. You can also spread the activities over multiple class meetings as needed.

The web page and lesson plan for Car Title Loans closely parallel those for Payday Loans and Cash Advances. These two lesson plans can thus be used in tandem, and more advanced students can compare information across the two parts of the site. In addition, the sections on Car Title Loans and Payday Loans and Cash Advances share content and vocabulary with the Using Credit section. The separate worksheet Different Kinds of Loans enables learners to summarize the similarities and differences that they discover in these three sections.


Car Title Loans: Lesson Plan

Car Title Loans: How it Works

Includes 12 files:

  • Lesson Plan
  • Screenshots
  • How It Works
  • Questions for Guided Reading 1
  • Questions for Guided Reading 2 BASIC
  • Questions for Guiding Reading 2 INTERMEDIATE
  • Video Transcript Questions
  • Video Sentence Strips
  • Drescribing What Happens
  • 10 Words to Know BASIC
  • Partner Talk INTERMEDIATE

Source: FTC Consumer Resources