Avoiding Identity Theft


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The section on Avoiding Identity Theft shares some concepts and vocabulary with the Your Credit History section in Credit, Loans and Debt. The lesson plan includes extension activities that are designed to take advantage of these connections, in order to help learners understand the importance and value of monitoring their credit histories.

Sample files:

Avoiding Identity Theft: Lesson Plan

Avoiding Identity Theft: The Identity Thief

Avoiding Identity Theft: Questions for Guided Reading

Avoiding Identity Theft: Identity Theft Stories Worksheet

11 files included. Click the download link to download these files:

  • Lesson Plan
  • Power Point
  • The Identity Thief
  • Partner Talk INTERMEDIATE
  • Questions for Guided Reading
  • Identity Theft Stories Worksheet
  • Questions for Guided Listening
  • Video Transcript
  • How Do I Know Worksheet
  • Protect Your Identity
  • Identity Theft and Credit Reports
  • 2×2

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