More than a job.
A career.

Are you looking for a career that is both financially and personally fulfilling? Southern Bancorp Community Partners might be the right fit for you.

Creating Economic Opportunity

Fulfilling our mission often means finding innovative ways to help customers. Check out the video below for one example of how we create economic opportunity.

Why Southern?

We balance margin with mission.
Southern Bancorp is a different kind of financial institution. We were specifically founded by some of the nation’s most respected business, political and philanthropic leaders (visit About Us to learn more) to equally balance profits with the pursuit of our mission to help rural, underserved communities in the Mid-South.
We have a unique structure that helps us maximize our mission.

In addition to being a mission-driven organization, Southern is also unique it its structure. While the most visible face of Southern is our bank, which provides traditional financial products and services through 42 branches in Arkansas and Mississippi, our work is also strengthened by the work of our nonprofit partner, Southern Bancorp Community Partners, a 501(c)3 financial development organization and loan fund which provides lending services in addition to development services such as training and counseling, financial education, free tax preparation and public policy advocacy.

Each of these entities works in tandem with Southern Bancorp, Inc., our holding company which manages the strategic direction and support services for both organizations.

All three are U.S. Treasury certified Community Development Financial Institutions.

We believe in careers over jobs.
Across all of Southern’s organizations, we believe in careers over jobs. That means we continually look for opportunities to grow individuals knowledge of the company and mission in an effort to let them grow within the company. Our “Southern Institute” takes small groups of employees through a multi-week leadership training program to help them enhance their leadership skills and prepare them for growth within the company.
Our Core Values are more than just catchy words.
A lot of companies have a set of Core Values that they claim to live up to, but at Southern, we put our money where our values are. Employees living the RAISE core values can earn cash rewards for going above and beyond to fulfill them. It’s both financially and personally rewarding to see RAISE in action!
We believe that work and fun can go together!
As a community development bank, our employees are regularly out in the community helping to raise money, awareness and community spirit in addition to fulfilling our mission. At just about any big community gathering, you’ll see Southern’s blue Community Corp shirts in action. It’s a fun way of engaging with the community while also having fun!
I love working for an organization that’s making a positive impact on the community, and I love knowing that I’m building communities and changing lives.
Monte Hodges

Commercial Loan Officer

Helping someone through a difficult financial situation is a great feeling, but knowing you’ve helped pass something down to future generations is truly incredible.
Charlestien Harris

Credit Counselor